Dec 28, 2016

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Types of Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas increase the visual appeal of patios, restaurants, poolside or cafes a lot and basically, there are more than a dozen types of patio umbrellas that can be found in the market. The different types of patio umbrellas can be classified according to the type of fabric used in the umbrella, the size of the umbrella or the mechanism of setting up the umbrella. Going with the size of the umbrella, you can choose from different sizes, bearing in mind the place where the umbrella will be placed in. If the patio is small with a few chairs, then you should choose a umbrella that is small or medium in size. However, if the umbrella is to be placed at the pool side or in a commercial area like outdoor restaurant or a café, then a large 11 foot umbrella is the best choice.commercialumbrella

Patio umbrellas can also be classified according to the type of fabric they are made of. You should consider the climatic condition of the area where you are using it before choosing a patio umbrella. If the umbrella is to be used outside during heavy rain or snowfall, then you might consider choosing an umbrella with thick polyester fabric such as Pacifica, Sunbrella or Coolaroo fabrics. But if the new patio umbrella is not to be used in the open all the time, then you can choose umbrellas having cheaper fabrics so as to save money. They can also be classified according to the material used in the frame. The two most commonly used frame materials are aluminum and wood. The wooden frames often look elegant and they easily blend with different types of environment, however, at the same time, aluminum frames are much more stronger, and are available in different variety of colors to blend with the environment.

Patio umbrellas are also grouped according to the folding mechanism they use. Most of the umbrellas found in outdoor markets and cafes have a simple frame which can’t be altered, but some different types of patio umbrella frames have mechanisms used to provide tilt and to alter the height.  The most widely used frames are the ones with crank mechanism as it provides flexibility to the umbrella. Another category of umbrella is the cantilever type and offset type. In a cantilever umbrella, the canopy is often attached to an arm which can be positioned in various different positions while in an offset umbrella, the pole is positioned at a side or in the center.