Oct 25, 2016

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Things to do at bachelorette parties

Aside some interesting ways to organize a bachelor party, like renting a party bus – here in St. Charles party buses are frequently used- and other ways that brings life to the party, we want to also take a look at some interesting things that can be done during the party. 

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Get a scrapbook that have removable pages and send a page each to all the bachelorette’s girlfriends through mail. Tell the girlfriends to decorate one side of the page with photos of herself and the bride, nice quotes and memories, mementos of their friendship etc. And on the other side of the page, ask them to write out their favorite recipe. This should be wrapped up and given to the bride to be at the party.


Suggest an easy and unique group outfit idea which will reflect the bride’s personality and at the same time, connect you all together. For example, if  she’s very much into yoga, buy each of the girls at the party a strand of yoga beads for them to put on the night of the party.


Tell guests to bring with them lingerie as a gift for the bride to be, and then have the bride guess who gave her which gift as she is unwrapping them. You can all just contribute $20 to get her a very nice underwear set that she probably wouldn’t splurge on herself.


Peradventure you are having the party around your hometown, you can make it feel more like a girls’ getaway by making use of nearby luxurious hotel that has a cool pool scene. Make everyone relax in their bikinis, take frozen cocktails and also get manicure and pedicure including massages.


Two weeks before the party, tell everyone to come up with a question about the bride for the groom to answer, then email all the questions to him. Make sure it is a mix of sexy stuff like “where is the most inappropriate place you’ve ever had sex?” Include funny things too and take turns reading her the questions, then have her guess his responses. If she gives the wrong answer, have her take a sip of her drink and if she gets it right, everyone else must have a drink.


If the bride to be is the type, sign up for a workshop where you will learn how to strip, lap dance, pole-dance or perfect your bj skills. But if the bachelorette is not the stripper 101 type, try a class that is really personal instead.


Purchase a roll of bright ribbon, then tie a bow around the wrist of each guest. Each time the bachelorette wants a drink, she will untie someone’s bow, and they will have to buy her a cocktail.